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Here I’m building a soprano 14” scale ukulele on a Chinese Bottle gourd. I saw one of these on the internet made by a guy in the Far East and it just looked cool as hell. So I found a nice thick walled gourd and cut it in half. It’s a bit on the asymmetrical side but with any luck it will sound and play nicely. A friend said it looked like a Picasso sculpture.

After cleaning the gourd I cut a piece of Spruce for the top. This is it's profile.

This weekend (6-07-08) I cut out the neck of Honduran Mahogany, re-sawed a fingerboard out of Purple Heart and slotted it for the frets, surface sanded the Spruce and stained the gourd.

I almost attached the top but decided I wanted to add a small piece as a tail block for a little more surface to glue the top to.

            I got the neck pocket and neck blocked all carved and installed, I drilled a 5/8” hole for a dowel pin and glued and clamped the whole thing together. 6-22-08

I was asked a question about Balance, the person thought it maybe a little top heavy. I never thought about it so after some sanding I checked out the balance. Funny how things just work out sometimes.

I'm just about ready to finish up this project, last evening I attached the bridge, the tuners have been installed and I've been touching up the finish.

Finished it on 8-04-08

Sound File