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I've wanted to make guitars for a while now, I figured the best way to not screw up really fine wood would be to build instruments on pre-existing boxes. To this end I utilized gourds and cigar boxes as the resonators. You never know that awaits you on the less traveled road. It has become kind of a thing unto itself. The first actual cigar box instrument I built was a 20" scale bass. I had traded my Ashbory for a ukulele and after a few months I desired to have an instrument similar to the Ashbory, so I contacted Owen Holt of Road Toad and ordered the parts I needed. I'm currently building my third with two more lined up behind it.

Yeah, its trailer trash tacky but I love it. Apparently I ain't the only one either.

Sound file of the cigarbox bass

I built this cigarbox Tele for Albert Castiglia, Albert is a great blues man I've been friends with for near 20 years. This old Ashton cigarbox sounds great in his hands,

Albert Castiglia playing the AshtonTele, the bass being played in this video clip is the cigarbox bass pictured above.

This was a cool little cigar box that only the top and bottom panels where parallel. As soon as I saw it I knew it was a ukulele.