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Barclay Customs is changing, we are moving to the 1886 Florida Cracker Farm located in Wellborn, Florida

This web site will continue to display our handcrafts and expanding endeavors. 

We can be contacted via email at hushnel@bellsouth.net and mike@barclaycustoms.com

     My primary purpose of setting up this web site it to display my projects, I have worked with my hands my whole life. I've been playing stringed instruments since I was 9 years old, ahhh that would be 1962. First violin, not a bad instrument, you can still outrun the bullies, then on to the Cello an infernal and evil instrument that actually sounds very nice in the hands of those that can tolerate its peculiarities, this attitude is solely based on the fact that you can't outrun the bullies when carrying the beast. Then I found my way home on the upright bass, to big to take home every day and I could run like the wind, I was freed by the upright.

Debbie, my dear wife, is a talented seamstress, she sews everything from alterations to sail slugs. She has a couple of sewing machines that are capable of putting a needle through the toughest leathers, we have a harness stitcher too for the insane stitching but I usually prefer to do this by hand.

Since 1980 we have live in southern Florida just north of Key Largo between the Everglades and Biscayne National Parks. We enjoy the boating, canoeing, biking and the camping available all year 'round.