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Our dear friend and Brother, Wade, moved up to the farm soon after we closed on it. Along with some of our new friends he began working on the house, the work he has done with his crew of friends is nothing short of amazing.

Wade and his crew of friends did an amazing amount of work, this is obvious in this picture. Much of the work is unseen as he replaced major foundations in the front and back of the house, built shelves and many other projects, both large and small. After this was completed he moved onto the barn/work shop.                                           

This hall way was once the east porch of the old house, the master bedroom is on the left and you can see the exterior windows looking into the dogtrot.

This will be the heart and soul of Barclay Customs, in the near future. I have had this dream for many years, never actually thinking it would ever materialize. One of my hopes was to have a workshop where others could come and go as they please, where untapped skills and talents could be discovered and nurtured in people who never had the opportunities to discover their God given talents.